FPL 2020/21 – Gameweek 7

Gameweek 7 Team

Red arrows on arrows on arrows. Pulisic injured in the warm-up, Gomez gifts West Ham a goal to another Liverpool non-clean game. Sigh..

GK – Martinez, McCarthy

Another rotation mistake. Strange game, with Southampton so dominant in the first half and Villa so dominant in the second. McCarthy benefiting from the save points. Villa have such a good run of fixtures coming up, but their defense hasn’t been great in the past few weeks.

DEF – Trent, Robbo, Dier, Taylor, Lascelles

Ctrl-C Ctrl-V from last week: 14.5 for defenders who don’t keep cleans.. ugh. Unlucky again this week. Cleans will have to start coming.. right? No cleans or attacking returns from all of my defenders. Dier, Taylor and Lascelles have all been horrible.

MID – Mo, Barkley, Soucek, Reed, Pulisic

Captain Mo scoring half of my team points this week. Great captain choice, has been a great pick this year and I’m glad I stuck with him. Holding Barkley for the great fixture run, but Grealish and Watkins look much better options in that attack.

FWD – Kane, Jiminez, Davis

Kane ticks over and value keeps increasing. I’m holding probably until my wildcard. I would be looking to transfer Jim out now that the fixtures don’t look great, but he’s not a priority with all the other emergencies in my team.

Gameweek 7 Reaction/Takeaways

Planning to swap Puli out for Son, targeting West Brom coming up. Then will still have double transfer after international break to bring in KDB for that Son spot, possibly downgrade Jim and upgrade Davis to a Bamford and Adams? I’m willing to take a -4 to do a triple transfer. This would enable me to play a 3-4-3. I think that will be easier than making defensive transfers. Liverpool have looked much better in the Champions League, attacking returns and cleans from Trent and Robbo must be coming!! I think they had only kept one more clean at this point last season? On to Gameweek 8.

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