FPL 2020/21 – Gameweek 8

Gameweek 8 Team

A green arrow! They do exist! A Dier and Taylor clean sheet, a Soucek goal, a Barkley assist! Finally my role players generated some returns. This has me feeling much more confident going into the IB with money ITB and rolling two transfers.

GK – McCarthy, Martinez

Made the smart move targeting Newcastle attack, but Villa got the clean as well. Two great keepers, can’t complain.

DEF – Trent, Robbo, Dier, Taylor, Lascelles

Ctrl-C Ctrl-V from last week x 2: 14.5 for defenders who don’t keep cleans.. ugh. Cleans will have to start coming.. right? City were a bit fortunate with their goal, but they also missed a pen so it balanced out. Still no attacking returns, although this was on paper Liverpool’s toughest fixture of the year. I still have a mind to hold, particularly as Trent/Robbo’s ownership decreases. This concentration risk can benefit if they start returning consistently.

MID – Mo, Son, Barkley, Soucek, Reed

A Soucek return!! Finally! Mo keeps on scoring pens, Barkely finally getting a return for his attacking play. I’m planning on transferring out Son for KDB ahead of City’s good run of fixture. Even Reed is back getting minutes in the Fulham midfield. Suddenly everything is coming together.

FWD – Kane, Jiminez, Davis

Kane keeps returning his goals and assists so consistently, although the fixtures start to turn after the IB. Jiminez will be transferred out and downgraded, to allow the money to be spread to a third forward.

Gameweek 8 Reaction/Takeaways

I’m planning to switch to a 3-4-3 following the international break. There are so many cheap options up front, with Watkins, Che, and Bamford in particular catching my eye. My planned front three will be Kane, Watkins, and Bamford with the potential to transfer Kane out the following week for Martial. Is Trent really injured for the long term? This could potentially change my planned -4 triple transfer for a -8 hit. It would also provide some more funds to upgrade Kane to an Aguero potentially. My preference would be to hold, but there are many possibilities well worth the extra point hit.