Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2018 – Preview

After a long wait, it’s finally here! I’m very excited to be attending the Microsoft Business Applications Summit next week. For my post this week, I’m going to preview four sessions that I’m looking forward to attending.

Next week I will do a quick round up of the summit and the highlights from the various sessions.

Power BI and the Future for Modern and Enterprise BI

This session will showcase and tease new features in Power BI as well as provide a road map for self-service of big data in Power BI. This session by and  will also cover how to enable agile enterprise BI and build a data culture at an organization.

This is a can’t miss and obvious choice to attend!

Be a full stack Microsoft Power BI Jedi – A walkthrough of Power BI’s most advanced features through Star Wars data

This hands on session by  instantly grabbed my attention (and not just because of the Star Wars data set!) The session will cover advanced features, such as custom functions and what-if techniques.

I’ve written about using what-if parameters in Power BI before and am looking forward to a review of other advanced features.

How we do AI & ML @ Microsoft

The who, what, where, when, and why behind the data at Microsoft! There is lots of talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning, so I’m interested in hearing  provide the Microsoft perspective on these topics.

This is particularly interesting to me as I have been using R to bring machine learning into Power BI reports. I’m excited to learn how else I can build these models within the Microsoft stack.

Compelling data stories using Microsoft Power BI

Data visualization is a passion of mine. I love how it makes insights from data more accessible to a wider array of users, both technical and non-technical. This session by  and  will cover some aspects of building visual reports, including images, colors, and themes.

I think that these four sessions provide a good balance of hands on vs conceptual learning as well as a balance of data manipulation vs visualization. Be sure to check in next week for my round up!

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