A Journey with Data

Welcome to Feathers Analytics, a conduit for transforming data into actionable insights. I’m Joseph Yeates, and I founded this platform to be more than a consultancy; it’s a space where data meets curiosity, creativity, and continuous learning.

At Feathers Analytics, I’m dedicated to helping you leverage your data, whether through strategic consulting, tailored analytics solutions, or simply by inspiring through shared knowledge. My mission is to empower your journey by serving up insights with data.

Here, I blend my expertise in Power BI, SQL, Python, R, and more, to not only showcase projects that have driven decision-making and growth but also to share insights and reflections on the ever-evolving world of data through my blog. I invite you to dive in and explore. Discover projects that highlight the transformative impact of data, gain new perspectives from my blog, or reach out directly to discuss how we can collaborate on your next data venture.

Your journey through data starts here. Let’s embark on this exploration together, discovering how data can not only inform but inspire and innovate.

“Don’t ever get stuck on your laurels like all of them stuck in the past…”

Abbas Hamad